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Ensuring that your business stands out in today's complex world of conventional and social media is a challenge that we relish. The key is to employ an approach which has genuine reader or listener appeal, coupled with some novel twists that will make your organisation prominent for all of the right reasons. We never advocate gimmicky campaigns, 'edgy' sponsorship or scattergun spending. It's ALL about a focussed, effective seamless approach devised around your particular services.

In a challenging market, keeping costs as low as possible, whilst still operating effectively, is a key consideration for many people in business today. With that fully in mind, we offer a totally transparent pricing structure, no hidden extras and rates which are hugely competitive....all based around two decades of experience.

Helping your business to stand out

When you are secure and confident about what you bring to the table, it leaves a little room for some gentle humour and banishes the need for any egos. Marketing and PR should never be about the provider - it's all about you, the client. When you invite us to help develop your business brand or organise events and PR for your clients (while attracting new ones), we do it with good grace and an ability to work with your organisation on a totally professional but non-starchy basis

About Us

Hire Instinct PR, Marketing and Events uses a network of high-level professionals who are all at the top of their game. We keep down the cost to you by involving them on an ad hoc basis, under our guidance, so that you receive the benefit of consultancy and project work which would cost four times as much on a conventional agency basis. 
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